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Inner Thoughts of a Southern Belle

Semper Eadem

2/18/06 12:10 pm - "So I know you're in a relationship with someone...

but I wanted to ask you out on a date, so maybe we could negotiate something."

Wow...yeah, I'm very very busy lately. Which is probably why people have been unable to find me lately. But that's ok. So what's new with me? #1: my internship is going well but I have gotten very behind on all my other work. #2: Chris and I are doing...ok...our 2 year anniversary is tomorrow and I still love him which makes me happy happy. and apparently other people want me too which makes me amused. I miss my family, especially my mom...but I"ll see her in three weeks. Oh yeah, and Becca and I hardly see each other but when we do its still a part-ay!

I'm happy happy all around.

Love ya

10/24/05 11:33 am

What if everything's not okay? What if we're all just faking it. What if...inside...I'm screaming and crying? What if everything's not okay?

10/17/05 09:45 am - My personal rant...


Ok I don't know how many of you have heard about the Taylor Behl case that's been going on at VCU. Its a big thing here in Richmond, I'm not sure how big its gotten outside of Richmond. But anyway, quick synopsis is this: Taylor Behl was a freshman here at VCU. Something happened to her the beginning of September, and they found her body about a week or so ago. Now, this is very sad and of course everyone at VCU is shaken by this. But here's where my rant starts. The guy they think did it...(he says it was an accident), happens to be bipolar. I don't know how many of you are familar with bipolar syndrome. I happen to be extremely familar with it. Now, on message boards, its no longer "what kind of sick person could do this to a sweet girl" its "How could Bi-boy do this to her?". And the media is perpetuating this...whenever they can slip it in its (this man's name) who happens to be bipolar... which means, that anyone who happens to be bipolar (which is not a disease that makes you kill teenagers by the way) gets slammed with the aftermath. Why won't people realize that disorders like this are disorders. People don't wake up one morning and say "oh I want a mental disorder!" it just doesn't happen! And it doesn't help you when it feels like the whole world is against you.

Urg! Enough of this rant. I really am very sorry for Taylor Behl. I really do hope that whoever did this (and it is looking like he did it) is brought to justice. But I wish that the media would stop perpetuating the myth that disorders make people unfit for society.


sorry...a wee bit stressed out

Love to all

10/7/05 11:07 am - mrow

Today is going to be a bad day. I can just feel it.

Maybe I'll make cookies.

9/10/05 08:22 pm - I HATE BEING SICK

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9/8/05 09:12 pm - hehehe

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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9/2/05 06:58 pm - "Killing me Softly with his song"

So this has been a busy week. I have about a forty minute break before I meet Christopher downstairs for our date. Which just makes me smile. We're back in the groove we got out of last semester. Last semester was so hard, with my classes boring me, my family driving me nuts, the both of us being so...unhappy and the constant fighting. But its over. and I think it'll stay over for awhile. For the first time in a long time I feel like I'm actually working toward my future and what I want to do with my life. Through a weird quirk of events today, I became treasurer of the World Issues Round Table Organization at my school...where we basically get together and argue about what should happen in places like Rwanda, Iraq, etc. Which just amuses me. My classes make me happy...I spend my days reading Poli Sci books and learning French...for once in my life really learning a foreign language. Things in my family are slowly getting better to...which is good. I just...wish that it wouldn't be a constant state of calling my parents to make sure everything was alright. But it could be worse. Much worse. Its even interesting because lately I've started to find a sense of belonging that I haven't felt in awhile. I've realized that a lot of my feelings of exclusion were self-created. I could become closer to some friends of mine if I made the effort, which I often don't, for various reasons....But I'm not going to do that this semester. but back to classes, in case anyone's interested

Poli 314: US Constitutional Law...makes me happy I know all the answer
Poli 363: US Foreign Policy...I know nothing but I'm learning lots
Poli 107: Political Theory...my one grrr class....but that's only because the teacher is preach-y
Honr 399: Women and the Criminal Justice System: Fun and only a month long!!!
French 201: I'm learning it really!!!
Honr 399: Ethics and Foreign Affairs....I haven't started this one yet....::pouts::

but leave me love and im me...luckyettarre or call me...you know the numbers or if you don't, i'll tell you 'em.

love ya


8/23/05 09:35 am - Where have all the good men gone...

And where are all the gods???

I'm back at college. I'm running around like a crazy person and I think I finally won with that stupid teacher about my grade from last semester. Which is fabulous. I'm hopefully going to get a job to keep myself busy busy busy. I've spent time with my baby. I saw him all yesterday which was marvelous. I've so missed him. He's going to be busy busy busy too. Which is fantabulous. I'm not really awake. But I slept for a long time last night which is good because I needed it desperately. I just need to convince my body that this headache is really a bad idea so it should go away. People in the Richmond area should come visit me. I'm in West Grace and its pretty. My dorm room is a bit busy. There's a lot of stuff in it. But I love people!!!!! I'm very very sleepy. I go sleep now.

Send me love...I love love!


7/19/05 12:47 pm - "Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true...

Well, isn't it?"

Ok ok ok...so I am Ga-Linda. or Glinda. At least that's what was decided following our wonderfully marvelous trip to New York City and WICKED. So I'm to be the Ga-Linda to Shelly's Elphaba. And waking up every morning with Chris in my house was pure bliss. Even if he was grumpy and spilled coffee all over my mother's rug. I think she's gotten over that now though. Then going back to Richmond, even though I only got to see a few people was fun. I think the best part was going to Hollywood cemetary...Chris was so sweet to go just because I asked. By the end we were both covered in sweat and hot and exhausted, but we were smiling. Nothing can compare to having him whip around a corner so that I'd be flung into his waiting arm...except perhaps his kisses that make everything alright. We are so much better because I'm finally listening completely. Before...I was listening but it was always with the attitude of "what will this do to us...what will this do to me". Now I'm no longer worry about silly things. Kacy, Gaming, school, parents, any left over feelings when it comes to exes (on both our parts)...none of it matters because I love him and he loves me. He knows I'm here to stay and I'm no longer worrying about things coming between us. Like William the cat, there's just no room for anything between us.

5/31/05 09:32 am - I just had to put this because of the pirate...

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